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Jun 19

Seversky skewers Christianity

I see they’re back to the Problem of Evil.  Again. 

It’ll all be Adam (and Eve’s) fault for trying a fruit diet.  Again.

There’ll be no satisfactory explanation of why an omniscient being didn’t see it coming a mile off and why an omnipotent being didn’t do anything about it.  Again.

There’ll be no moral justification for punishing not just the original offenders but all their descendants in perpetuity.  Again.

There’ll be no explanation of why God lied to Adam and no discussion of what that implies for everything else God is reported to have said.  Again.

Finally, and much more fundamentally, there will be no discussion of why a necessary being, such as the Christian God must be to be an Uncaused First Cause, would ever create a Universe and populate it with beings with whom he wants to enter into a loving relationship. Again.

A beautiful takedown of Christian theology and apologetics by Seversky @ atbc

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