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Oct 10
Pope Benedict = Epic Bent Pedo

Pope Benedict = Epic Bent Pedo

Sep 24

Dan Bull - Dear Benny [an open letter to the Pope]

Great rap - thanks Dan!

Aug 11
Godfellas (via pz)

Godfellas (via pz)

Jul 16



Then you are not relying on the source you judge. Please read the letter in its entirety.

Friend, I am not going to read “in its entirety” a 20 page letter on Canon Law. How about I stick with the Catholic Herald. It’s reasonable to summarise the new rules issued by the Vatican as placing child abuse in as grave a category of sin as ordinating women priests. 

It is a common tactic for people to portray the worst members of the Catholic Church as being representative of the Church as a whole; I “pretend” nothing, but I defend and promote the truth of innocence and actual, proper response to child abuse instead of a bitter war of words which solves nothing in the situation.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m concerned with the leaders of the Catholic Church, who systematically and institutionally covered up for child abuse for decades (at the very, very least) and then when they had a chance to condemn and correct their past behaviour, couldn’t stop themselves from hefting a kick at the idea of women priests in a way that has managed to offend and annoy millions of Catholics, never mind me or anyone else.

Thank you for your clarifications. Appreciated!

My pleasure and thanks for the links and interesting posts :)




Severity of sin according to the Catholic Church

Can you cite current, official Catholic teachings/laws (Catechism of the Catholic Church, Compendium of the Catholic Church, Code of Canon Law, etc.) to support this “comparison of severity of sin” bar graph?

I edited this post to include canon law, the oldest legal system in the world, and links to aforementioned sources.

Erm, dude, I was kind of relying on every newspaper in the feckin’ world. If you know the rules of the Catholic Church better, please do tell us all.

Canon law, ”the oldest legal system in the world”!?!?

Really you know I studied law and I’ve never heard that one before. Oldest continually functioning, perhaps. 

But then I’m not the one trying to pretend that a bunch of dress-wearing “celibate” apologists for child molestation have a direct line to “god”.

Sorry if I missed your point… Good luck with the doctorin’.

Jul 12

May 31
That would be immoral
(via savagemike:lycanpedia)

That would be immoral

(via savagemike:lycanpedia)

Apr 27

Apr 22
Poprah - Natalie Dee

Poprah - Natalie Dee

Apr 17
ht: anorak

ht: anorak

Apr 10