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Jun 19
Your sunday dose of Christian Conservative Tea Party love

Your sunday dose of Christian Conservative Tea Party love

Aug 31

Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” Rally - Interviews With Participants

A waterfall of incoherent gibberish from tea party rubes…  (via lgf)

May 2
If housepets were libertarians

If housepets were libertarians

Apr 26

Apr 25

Apr 18
“Now, 2012 is a long way away, and as you stated, Obama could be re-elected. Clinton came back from his 1994 mid-term losses. The Republicans could help by showing their ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by once again selecting someone who doesn’t fire up their base. The economy, as you stated needs to improve, a lot, though. So far, Obama’s economic policies have been anti-growth at worst, and not promoting economic growth at best.”

nomosshere says. I’m glad we could reach some common ground. We can agree and disagree, see?

Nothing from nomosshere on Fox & the Tea Party I see… But I know when not to push the boat too far ;>

“63% of Americans think their taxes are going to go up.”

nomosshere continues:

All of your posts are completely coming from the left and refuse to acknowledge the bi-partisan roots of the problem.  


Your Fox problem really is pretty deep seated, isn’t it? Covering a story is “promoting it?”  What is your issue with a diverse and free press?

You must have missed all the stories this week about Hannity in Cincinnati, yeah? 

The birthers are small fringe group with about as much support as the lefties who tried to disqualify McCain for being born in a US territory.  You are smearing with a broad brush in clear attempt to dehumanize anybody who dares to disagree with you.

45% of GOP agree “Obama not born in the USA”. Hmmm…

Taxes are going up because government is getting bigger.  It’s been getting bigger under the last three Presidents.  Obama is just continuing a trend, but he’s also massively increasing the pace of the growth of government, creating larger deficits and looking for new ways to raise taxes (VAT for example).

Jesus fuck. Obama *had* to increase the deficit to deal with the economic crash. McCain would have had to do that too. Palin would have had to. ANyone would have had to. It was either that or let western capitalism fall.

Now there is the prospect of taxes being raised to pay for it, you are freaking out?

Let’s try to get to some sort of consensus here. Government expenditure is too big. The trouble is that neither side wants to address that. The tea partiers don’t want to either. They want their entitlements to remain and everyone else’s to be cut (just as it happens like everyone else ;>).

Apr 16
Tea Party “Contract For America” is a fiscal suicide pact.

Tea Party “Contract For America” is a fiscal suicide pact.

“63% of Americans think their taxes are going to go up. That is the results of a Gallup Poll, not a news organization. The news here is that 37% of the general adult population doesn’t know their taxes are going to go up.”

says nomosshere.

Taxes will have to go up to pay for the enormous deficit ran up by Bush - including payments for his two wars - and made significantly worse by the bailout of the US economy which sank under Bush’s watch. Is now the wrong time to indtroduce universal healthcare to America? Maybe it is… But by that attitude the “right time” might well have been never.

I see you completely ignore what I wrote about Fox News. Busted, much? :)

Hey. We all know if the economy picks up, Obama will survive politically. If it doesn’t he sinks. Let’s just stop pretending the “tea party” people would be as jumpy-and-badly-spelled-signy if it was a white guy running the show - or if Fox News had treated them the same way it treated anti-war protesters.

Teabagger For Jesus

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Apr 15

Apr 13

Apr 12

We have always been at war with Eurasia.


We have always been at war with Eurasia.

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